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TLotus is a certified Ahai 7D™ practitioner and certified crystal and sound healer.

Heal And Align Your Mind, Body, And Soul With 7th Dimensional Energy Healing.

What Is Ahai 7D™?

Ahai is a form of 7D energy healing that works at the frequency of miracles. Ahai means “favored by God”, “helper”, and “mother”.  7D energy is a high frequency, very powerful energy. As a conduit of Ahai, I act as a channel of the miracle frequency from the angelic realm. Ahai is Divine Feminine energy, and you will feel this nurturing, loving yet powerful energy during the session. I work closely with different Angels of Activation, Light Beings, and several Ascended Masters and Divine Feminine energies.

Ahai 7D energy healing is a modality that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health.

Ahai can be used to facilitate powerful healing on the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. This energy helps to reactivate dormant DNA and open your innate gifts to their fullest potential. Ahai can be sent through the hands or telepathically to the receiver, and it will help to naturally bring the body back into balance, align chakras, and activate any upgrades that are for you highest and best.

Why Mind Body Soul 7D Healing?


A Mind, Body, Soul 7D healing session with me is a powerful healing experience that produces real results. The session takes place via distance healing. Healing Ahai healing energy is sent to you and is directed into specific areas of your body.

I have created a distance healing session that incorporates Ahai 7D™ with crystal and sound healing (both third-dimensional modalaties) to deliver loving, Divine Feminine feminine energy to you. 

What's amazing about Ahai is it goes directly to where your physical and energy body needs it. The energy is gentle but powerful and does no harm. Clients come away feeling very relaxed and more at peace after one session. Ahai produces faster and longer-lasting results than with other energy healing modalities. 

What Clients Are Saying..

Are You Seeking Answers?

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Book Your Mind Body Soul 30-Minute Power Session.

If you've been curious about a Mind Body Soul healing session, 30 minutes is all you need to experience loving and powerful 7D energy healing! 

Virtual Private Healing Sessions

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Receive 7D healing energy for on-going maintenance. 

*If this is your first session with TLotus, please book an Introductory Session

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This session is great for a quick tune-up or to relieve stress. 

* If this is your first session with TLotus, please book an Introductory Session

90-minute session includes intake and evaluation, Spiritual reading and energy healing sent. After this session, you will receive a comprehensive session summary with recommended activities for ongoing integration.  

 7D Healing Packages/Group Healing Sessions

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  • (1) 90 minute Introductory Session

  • (4) 60-minute Maintenence Sessions 

  • Personalized Divine Guidance Reading sent to your email after every session.

*You are a Spiritual being living a human existence. Your Higher Self is the non physical part of you that is directly connected to Spirit. Strengthen your intuition and connect to your Higher Self with this weekly reading sent to your email every Sunday.

  • One week of Text Coaching/Readings after each session.  

*Texting agreement is valid for 1 one week from the healing session booking, and I will respond to your questions by text for one week. You will receive correspondence that will guide you to the answers that you seek as the 7D healing energy integrates with you. 


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This 45-minute distance healing session. I will align and adjust each participant's energy body by sending Ahai 7D™ remotely. Tap into the collective consciousness of the group and align with your intentions. A powerful experience! Group sessions are between 10 - 15 people


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