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Co-Creating The 2021 That You Want

Join The Sacred Path and powerful manifestors all over the world as we actively create the life that we want for 2021. Learn how to use the Law Of Attraction to Consciously Create the world you want to see. 

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  • Get clear on what is is you truly want.

  • Set intention using the powerful technique that will AMPLIFY your focus on what you desire.

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  • Visualize your amazing life in 2021 along with others world wide with a guided meditation by TLotus to be done at 11:11 am or pm (or both!). 

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Log on to the Consciously Creating 2021 live stream and get excited about what is to come! TLotus will share Law Of Attraction information and resources to support your journey towards powerful manifestation. She will also pick a random attendee for a mini Divine Guidance reading during the live stream!

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