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What's in store for the month ahead?

This 9 card spread will highlight the month ahead and help you prepare for what's to come. This flip is extremely helpful for preparing and planning ahead. TLotus has added this exclusive spread to the Lotus Readings line up. Click the image to book your Monthly Outlook today!

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Are You Seeking Answers?


Get ready to connect to the answers you seek with a Lenormand reading! A Lenormand reading will give you clear, accurate and specific answers that will help guide you in any area of your life. TLotus utilizes her Spiritual gifts as an empath and a clairaudient to provide clarity on your current situation and explore the choices and possible outcomes on your path towards happiness. If you’ve never experienced a Lenormand reading, you will enjoy this experience with TLotus!

Lenormand Reaadings


The Yes/No Spread is used to provide guidance on a specific question.  Once the yes/no question is answered, any details or guidance within the cards is given.
*3 question limit*


The Box Spread is a 9 card, 3×3 Lenormand spread used for guidance and a deeper insight into a question or issue.

Created by TLotus, the Double Decker Spread uses 2 Lenormand decks. The reading includes a 9 card, 3×3 Lenormand spread and Yes/No spread used for clarifying questions.  This has quickly become the most popular spread used for guidance and deepest insight into a question or issue!  


The Grand Tableau is a spread using the entire 36 card deck in a 9x4 layout. This spread can answer questions about multiple areas of your life, past, present and future. (available in person only)


Deluxe Intuitive Readings


The Intuitive Chakra Lenormand Reading is used to provide guidance on your Chakras.  TLotus uses her Spiritual gifts to connect with your energy and read your Chakra health. You will receive a full report on all 7 Chakra points. Lenormand is also used to provide details on what you should focus on and ways to heal/align Chakra points. A unique reading that will amaze you! 
*60 minute limit*

Full comprehensive astrological chart + analysis + intuitive astrological message from TLotus. Bonus: Mini Chakra Wisdom Oracle reading. All sent to your inbox within 24 hours.