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A 5-Session Online Course To Realize Your Manifesting Power and Consciously Create Your Most Incredible Life

Discover The Powerful Manifestor Within You.

What Is The Powerful Manifesting Program?


The purpose of this course is to help you realize your power and ability to create your world by mastering your subconscious mind, merge with your Higher Self, and work with the energy of the Law Of Attraction. 


The success, love, happiness, abundance and peace that you want, you already have. The journey is to connect to these them. In this course we will take a deep dive into the steps to consciously manifest your intentions by nourishing your subconscious mind and work WITH the Law Of Attraction.

Humanity is awakening to its power to create massive changes not only in their personal lives but in the world. I’m here to help more people awaken to this Divine power within them.

What Clients Are Saying..

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Enroll In The Powerful Manifesting Program


  • 5 Module Online Course - TLotus breaks down the process of consciously manifesting in 5 steps. Each video is 1hr and gives you "self-work" to begin applying what you've learned immediately.

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching with TLotus - Work with TLotus each week via Zoom or phone to maximize your efforts as you apply the 5 steps to consciously manifesting.

  • Weekly Spiritual Readings - Receive a personalized Lenormand reading sent to you every Sunday to connect to the answers you seek and help guide your week during the program.

  • Monthly Mind Body Soul 7D Healing Sessions - Experience the power and Divine love of 7D energy and align with your manifestations in this one-of-a kind healing session with TLotus once a month.

  • Workbook, 7D charged guided meditations, tools, resources, andd so much more!

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