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Get Ready To Vibrate Higher!

Welcome to Triple L: The Live Love Lotus Show with Spiritual Wellness Expert and healer, TLotus! This podcast is about all things high vibrational to help you align your mind body and soul and consciously create your most incredible life.


With all of the chaos happening in the world, are you living life or is life living you? If you feel like life has been living you, Triple L will empower you to take the reigns of your life and reclaim your joy, happiness and live in your truth. Come explore the magnificence of yourself as a part of All That Is!


This interactive show will infuse peace love and light into your lunch hour with Spiritual coaching and live Lenormand and Chakra Wisdom readings.  As a spiritual metaphysical minister and Law Of Attraction coach, TLotus will cover topics to help you learn how to work with the Divine energy of the Universe to manifest your dreams and you’ll hear interviews with amazing guests who will share their own inspiring manifesting stories.


The answers that we seek we already have. The journey is to connect to them. Tune in every 1st and 3rd Friday at 12 PM Pacific and uncover your magnificence with TLotus!

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