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Beware Of The Fox, Be Like The Fox


Card meanings: The simple images on the cards can have a literal meaning. For example, the Tree could ACTUALLY be about a tree. There are also deeper meanings associated with these images. The following is a quick and abbreviated explanation of the meanings to this week's cards:


Garden: event, groups (large or small), gathering, places where people gather, society, public, park, "neutral" energy attached to it.

Tree: nature, steady growth, legacy, health, longevity, family tree, ancient, patience. The Tree card has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

Fox: manipulator, cunning, crafty, shrewd, clever, sneaky, trickster, charmer, stay alert, look deeper, entrepreneur. The Fox card has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

A TLotus Thought: Intuitive Message

What an interesting flip this week! Anytime the Fox card shows up, I know the messages that come with the combination will be rich and complex. (See the additional messages below.)

I've always been intrigued by the Fox and it is my second favorite card of the deck after the Sun card. Most of the time, when this card shows up, the message can either be one of forewarning or encouragement. This card could also be both of those things at the same time which is what makes the Fox such an energetically unique card, because both will result in the benefit of "self". Who that "self" is depends on the events that unfold.

The warning could be about a person who is opportunistic, a trickster or narcissistic. Perhaps someone who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. It could also be a warning about something that is not what it appears to be. The Fox is a master manipulator and a clever trickster.

The Fox is a thorough planner, examines every angle and questions everything. Why do you think the fox hides in its den during the day and maneuvers in the dark of night? It's thinking of a master plan. And is looking for the perfect opportunity to implement it.

The encouragement could be seen as advice to "be like the Fox", keeping your eyes open and trusting your instincts. Or it could mean it's time to seize an opportunity. The Garden card, which represents events, groups and places where people gather, gives us a hint as to where this opportunity may present itself. This is an especially strong message for business owners and entrepreneurs, as the Fox card represents a "person in business for self".

The Fox could be another person who crosses your path or it could be you. The Fox could be both at once. All will be revealed as this week progresses. No matter how this materializes in your life, if you take on the characteristics of the Fox, the result WILL be for your benefit.

Additional Messages:

You have to outfox a fox. - In the video, I talk about the duality of the Fox card. There may be a "fox" amidst a group with the intention of tricking or manipulating for selfish reasons. If the Fox is thinking of a master plan, perhaps you should do the same.

Deep suspicion/distrust of what's publicly displayed - There may be something said in a group setting or at an event that should not be taken at face value.

Get out for some self care. - A focus on self care is encouraged this week. Perhaps getting a massage or a haircut will do the trick. Get out for respite and refreshment this week.

Be smart in business. - The Fox is a highly intelligent animal. It is cunning and thorough and knows when to seize the opportunity. These are some of the same characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to embody for success.

Be cautious about what you disclose/reveal. - Oversharing with the wrong people can lead to chaos. Be like the fox and hold your cards close. Meaning, keep vital information to yourself and follow your instinct. Your Higher Self will tell you how much or how little to share. On the flip side, someone is not giving full disclosure. Be like the Fox and question everything.

The extrovert shows up. - Someone is ready to show up and show out for all to see. The energy of "all eyes on me" is strong with this message.

Taking care of health. - A focus on improving or maintaining health is important this week. Exercise, eating habits and overall mind/body/spirit harmony will be at the forefront. Perhaps getting out in nature is in order or maybe a new health regimen should be considered. Allow your Higher Self to lead you move towards self healing.

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