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Emerging From The Coronavirus Crisis

As the country reopens from the Coronavirus public health crisis, we are emerging into a world where the “new normal” consists of masked faces and the well ingrained “6 feet apart” social distancing. It is a time where anxieties are high as people slowly get back to work and businesses reopen. There is a lot of fear and anxiety attached to the unknown surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The fear and anxiety is understandable as we are all faced with the effects (and aftereffects) of this pandemic whether physical, emotional, mental or financial.

The Universe Responds To Our Energy

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) responds to our energy which is why it is important to maintain a high vibration with our thoughts and emotions. With all of the uncertainty in what is next, and the anxiety of recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of low vibrational energy being radiated. As an empath, I feel it intensely. This is why I’ve dedicated this blog towards helping others raise their vibration to create the life they truly want and deserve. Yes..even in the midst of a pandemic, HAPPINESS, PEACE AND ABUNDANCE is more than possible! In my blog post: “Tapping Into Energy: 5 Tips To Raising Your Vibration”, I give tips on how to instantly raise your vibration. Click here to read it.

I also feel strongly, the high vibration of people helping people get through this crisis. From the first responders and essential health care workers that are fighting the pandemic on the front lines, to the kind person checking on their elderly neighbor, we are vibrating higher with love, care and help for one another more and more. There are people who are contributing their time, resources, knowledge and expertise towards helping others navigate through this unprecedented time and it is beautiful to witness.

Collaborating Through The Crisis

An awesome example of this is CSD Marketing’s “The Phoenix Project”, the brainchild of owner, business coach, marketing executive, Courtney Dade. The Phoenix Project is a platform that brings together small business owners and entrepreneurs who are experts in their areas of business to provide information, support and resources to other business owners who are struggling through this pandemic. With so many businesses reopening to the unknown, The Phoenix Project comes right on time to contribute help to the small business and entrepreneurial community.

As a business coach whose own business was rocked by this worldwide health crisis, Courtney understands the stress and anxiety of having to figure out how to run a business with so many uncertainties in this new normal. Instead of directing her energy towards that stress and anxiety she decided to instead, turn her attention and energy towards helping other businesses not only survive, but thrive during and after this pandemic. The project tagline says it all, “From the ashes, together we will rise.”

And what a beautiful demonstration of how the Law Of Attraction works! What we focus on expands and is reflected back by way of LOA. Courtney’s focus on helping other businesses has led to her helping her own. Together, like the Phoenix, we will rise from the ashes of the chaos and soar into success, fulfillment and abundance! "That which is like unto itself is drawn." I love how the Universe works!

I was honored when Courtney invited me to participate in The Phoenix Project. I welcomed the opportunity to share my passion for Universal Consciousness and knowledge about manifesting via the Law Of Attraction with her audience. There is an awesome interview she did with me on her YouTube Channel- Watch: Tamara "TLotus" Hill from The Sacred Path | The Phoenix Project. And an accompanying blog post on the CSD Marketing website - Creating Peace In Chaos.

Courtney Dade is also a guest contributer to this blog! Check out her blog post on A TLotus Thought:The Blog: Surviving Mercury In Retrograde With Lenormand's Guidance.

Are you curious about how Law Of Attraction life coaching can help you?

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