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Ending The Negative Mind Noise

We’ve all experienced a moment when we were at the crossroads of making a decision:

Choose option A, the risky option. Risky because this option will take you on an unfamiliar journey on your Sacred Path. You don’t know what’s ahead but if you’re right, you’ll get exactly what you want and possibly even better!

Choose option B, which is the safer option, and you probably won’t get exactly what you want but you’re OK with that.

Which option would you choose, A or B?

For many years I was an option B person. I would struggle with a group that made it difficult for me to live my true and authentic self. This was a powerful group, one specifically formed to prevent me from hurting myself or getting hurt. Whenever I needed to make a decision that could possibly interrupt the pattern of my life (at the time), the group would meet, discuss, then make its own decision.

That’s not a good idea. You can’t do that.”

“That’s never worked out for you before. Be more realistic.”

“No one is going to find you desirable because (insert insecurity)”

“You don’t deserve…(insert deep want/desire)”

That group? That’s the “Me, Myself and I Committee” (MMIC). The committee’s sole purpose is to prevent me from doing stupid shit. Or shit that would open myself up to pain and disappointment. Its mission is to protect the lower self (ego). The decisions that are made are always rooted in fear (of loss or disappointment) or from a scarcity mindset (there is never enough), or low self esteem/worth.

The MMIC committee is responsible for the negative chatter in our brains. It’s responsible for holding us back from truly living life the way we deserve. The MMIC is also responsible for the disconnect with our Higher Self. But it doesn’t matter what the committee has decided, because our Higher Self has “veto power”! If only we could quiet the negative mental noise to hear our Higher Self.

Please join me this week as we discuss how to overcome the “Me, Myself and I Committee” and begin to truly manifest our soul’s desires. Log on to The Sacred Path Facebook Group Thursday, 5/2 at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific!

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