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Lenormand 2020 Presidential Election Outlook

I love to flip about current events for leisure. In April 2020, while chatting with my Goddess sister Courtney, I decided to flip on the presidential election. I shared the results of that flip with my sis and she immediately put a date and time on it. With the election just 1 day away, I decided to share my prediction and intuitive message with my with all of you.

The Flip

For this flip, I used 2 different decks, the Guilded Reverie (top) for Joe Biden and the Zen Lenormamd (bottom) for Donald Trump. I flipped a 5 card yes/no spread for each. After getting in tune, I asked, "Will Biden win the presidential election? " with the first deck and asked the same question for Trump with the second deck.

Each card in Lenormand has either a yes/positive, no/negative or neutral energy attached to them and "majority wins" to determine the answer. Additionally, the cards in the spread gives details about the answer.

Both flips have the ship in the middle in the top Biden is on his way to the presidency. And in the bottom Trump is on his way out.


Biden - Mice/Cross/Ship/Clover/Key = Yes

Trump - Mountain/Whip/Ship/Coffin/Child = No

After flipping both spreads, what stood out to me immediately was the Ship being the central theme of both flips. The Ship is about travel, long distance and modes of transportation. The Ship is also symbolic for a journey. Looking at both ships, Lenormand makes it clear where each is headed.

Both flips start with 2 "no/negative" cards, indicating where each candidates' journey begins. Biden's journey begins with anxiety and a sense of responsibility and sacrifice towards the presidency. Trump's journey begins with an uphill climb and challenges (Mountain), negative repetitive patterns and angry words (Whip).

Biden's ship is moving in the direction of luck, opportunity (Clover) and a positive outcome with a new beginning (Key). Trump's ship is moving in the direction of an ending (Coffin) and he may react with childish energy (think childish resistance).

Watch the video for the full explanation of this outlook!

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