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Lightened Burdens and Lovely Surprises.


Card meanings: The simple images on the cards can have a literal meaning. For example, the Garden card could ACTUALLY be about a garden. There are also deeper meanings associated with these images. The following is a quick and abbreviated explanation of the meanings to this week's cards:


Cross - burden,sacrifice, grief, regret, martyr, disappointment, Spiritual (religion or belief system). The Cross has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

Lily: older generation, purity. serenity, trust, harmony, wisdom, peace, time to relax, patience, sensual pleasures. The Lily card has a "yes/positive" energy attached to it.

Bouquet: happiness, gift, beauty, talent, flowers, a surprise, help, joy. The Bouquet card has a "yes/positive" energy attached to it.

A TLotus Thought: Intuitive Message:

I love when the Lily card is the central theme. The energy of this card is just lovely and I always tend to take a deep cleansing breath when I see it. The Lily represents wisdom and knowledge as well as an older generation.

The Lily is also a sensual card. It represents sensual pleasures. The sensual Lily is not as salacious as the Whip or Snake cards. It is one of pure beauty, soft in its energy and pure in its intention.

The Cross card is one of the more heavier energy cards in the Lenormand deck. It represents burdens and sacrifice. But next to the Lily and Bouquet, two beautiful and positive energy cards, the heaviness is lifted and the negative energy dampened.

The Bouquet gives a hint to the result of this week's flip. However Cross/Lily/Bouquet combination materializes in your life this week, the Bouquet in the last position means there will be pure joy and pleasant surprises in store.

Additional Messages:

Accepting responsibility. - This week, a responsibility or obligation will be taken on happily. Perhaps someone will give you something you truly need. Or it could be you that lends a helping hand. The gesture will be given and received with gracefulness and gratitude.

Learning lessons from hardship.. - After resistance to a challenge that you have been facing, this week the lessons are learned from that challenge. Not only will you receive the gift of help with that challenge, you will gain the gift of wisdom from the entire experience.

Gratefulness for the beautiful things in life. - Sometimes you stop, look around and become filled with gratitude. This week you will see or experience something that will make you smile...with gratitude.

Burden is lifted (sensual) - Freedom from low vibrational energy will be experienced after a beautiful sensual experience.

Burden is lifted (virtuous) - A heavy responsibility will surprisingly be lifted or made lighter. Perhaps the help you’ve needed and set intention for materializes this week.

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