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Moving From The Storm


Card meanings: The simple images on the cards can have a literal meaning. For example, the Clouds card could ACTUALLY be about clouds. There are also deeper meanings associated with these images. The following is a quick and abbreviated explanation of the meanings to this week's cards:


Clouds: confusion, lack of clarity, chaos, uncertainty, a storm is brewing, depression. The Clouds card has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

Sun: success, joy, enlightenment, illumination, satisfaction, confidence, courage, victory. The Sun card has a “yes/positive” energy attached to it.

Ship: transportation, a trip/travel, commerce, a vehicle, boat, train, plane, distance a journey. The Ship card has a "yes/positive" energy attached to it.

A TLotus Thought: Intuitive Message

Oh, how I love the Sun card in Lenormand! The Sun is my absolute favorite card of the deck. It represents power, energy and overwhelming success and happiness. This week, the Sun is the central theme of the flip and this is the best position for this card.

The Clouds card that comes before it is no match for the Sun. Where there is confusion and lack of clarity with the Clouds, the Sun shines brightly towards the path out of the chaos.

The Ship card tells us what the confusion is about. With this week being the first week of Mercury In Retrograde, Lenormand asks us to focus on our travels and modes of transportation. The planet Mercury rules over transportation, among other things, so it is quite interesting that this combination is what is presented this week.

Notice that the Clouds have a dark side and a light side. The Sun is positioned on the light side of the clouds. The Ship is headed away from the clouds with the power and energy of the sun illuminating the path. This week is not only about travel and transportation but also about the storms (clouds) of our lives.This week, Lenormand lets us know that the “clouds will clear” and all will be well.

Mercury Retrograde is a beautiful time to reassess our problems and emerge with a plan towards happiness. Read the additional messages below. Then, check out the special Mercury In Retrograde blog post for more guidance to deal with the clouds in your life - The Power Of Mercury In Retrograde 2020

Additional Messages:

This too will pass - The beginning of this week will feel like a struggle as focus is directed towards a problem or situation that causes sadness. But Lenormand tells us that if we focus on the solution instead of the problem, we will find happiness and victory over that problem or situation.

Moving away from the storm. - You will receive inspired action to leave a chaotic situation this week. It is time to move away from what has been a depressing experience. On the literal side, some will travel away from an impending storm (weather).

Take a day trip. - This week, go somewhere that inspires happiness. Keep in mind the energy of Mercury In Retrograde and plan accordingly.

Car repairs. - Some may experience car troubles and will need to get repairs done this week.

Confusion will clear. - If you are unsure or confused about something in your life, you will find the way out of it this week.

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