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Please Stand By For This Unexpected Announcement (Or Visitor)

Updated: Oct 4, 2021


**To learn what this flip means and how it relates to you, watch the full video on The Sacred Path YouTube channel!

Card meanings: The simple images on the cards can have a literal meaning. For example, the Letter could ACTUALLY be about a letter. There are also deeper meanings associated with these images. The following is a quick and abbreviated explanation of the meanings to this week's cards:


Book: secrets, information, study, knowledge, school, hidden information, journals, research. The Book card has a no/negative energy to it.

Rider: announcements, messages, change, visitor, rapid modes of transportation.

Clover: luck, opportunity, reward, positive outcome. The (4 leafed) clover is a lighthearted card with a "yes/positive" energy attached to it.

A TLotus Thought: Intuitive Message

Get ready for a secret to be announced! This weeks’ flip features the Rider as the central theme, and she’s headed to her destination with a quickness! The Rider is all about messages (sent and received) and announcements. What will that message be? The Rider also represents a short-term visitor. Could someone from your past hold info for your ears only?

The Book is all about hidden information. So whatever is hidden will be announced this week. The positive energy of the Clover card neutralizes the negative energy of the Book so this flip will materialize in your life will be positive...even fun! Be open to what your Higher Self tells you this week.

See the additional messages below for other ways this week’s flip could manifest in your life.

Additional Messages:

Share what you’re writing. - If you’re writing a book, blog, article, this week is a perfect time to announce what you’re working on! The Clover at the end suggests an opportunity that will benefit you efforts.

Getting the exclusive 411. - You may receive a message with information that only YOU will benefit from. The Universe has something amazing lined up for you!

An unexpected message from a past friend/lover/associate - It’s that time of year again… Mercury In Retrograde! The MIR energy is in full effect this week with a message or visit from someone from your past. The Book card suggests this person has been locked away in your past memories. The Clover card says the Re-Connection will be positive!

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