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Powerful Manifesting 101: Manifesting Money and Prosperity

When consciously manifesting money, it’s important to keep a positive mindset around it. Many people have limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and prosperity and whether they are deserving of these things. Those limiting beliefs can slow down or even block your manifestations if left unchecked. Bottom line, fear, limiting beliefs and a scarcity mindset REPELS money from materializing in your life!

To Powerfully Manifest Abundance:

1. Set the intention to consciously manifest more into your life! - Setting an intention is as easy as just wanting it. Set POWERFUL intentions by writing down your money goals and reading them out loud. Both writing and speaking your intention amplifies the energy of your desires.

Affirmation: "My mind is a powerful magnet for wealth and abundance."

2. Let go of negativity - Having a scarcity mindset is detrimental to consciously manifesting money. If you believe that you will always be broke, you’re right. If you think that you will never have enough money, you’re right. If you are always worried about where money is coming from, the Universe via the Law of Attraction will deliver more money worries. It’s important to let go of any limiting beliefs you may have about money. Meditation and positive affirmations are a great way to nourish your subconscious mind towards a more positive money mindset.

3. Take powerful action toward your intention - The action that you take towards attracting more abundance is an important part of co-creating it with the Universe. The actions you take may not be the obvious ones you think of. Listen to your Higher Self for direction on taking inspired action.

4. Let go of the outcome (letting go of the desire) - Consciously manifesting requires raising your vibration and trusting the Universe to deliver your manifestations. The quickest way to lower your vibration is to allow doubt, fear, impatience, and disbelief to creep into your thought process. Questions like, “When is it coming?”, “Why isn’t it here yet?”, “From where is it going to come?” lowers your vibration. Asking the “who, what, where, why and how” regarding your manifestations is signaling to the Universe that you don’t trust Divine Order. Instead, let go of the need to control the outcome of when money will come to you.

5. Get ready to receive the abundance you desire! - Gratitude is the "secret sauce" to powerful manifesting. Be grateful for what you have and get excited for the money that will flow into your life. May you bask in the energy of the abundance of money in your life!

Have an amazing week ahead. Peace Love and Light! 💖

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