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#PowerfulManifestor Series: Brandon Keaton

The #PowerfulManifestor series is dedicated to amazing manifesting stories. The stories I share in this series will uplift and motivate you as well as encourage you to consciously manifest the life of your dreams!

One of the reasons why I became a life coach and started The Sacred Path is to share my experience with manifesting and teach others how to successfully and consciously, manifest the life of love, happiness, peace and abundance that they deserve. I want to inspire everyone to connect to the #powerfulmanifestor within them.

I could think of no other story that is worthy to kick off the A TLotus Thought: #PowerfulManifestor series than that of Brandon Keaton, also known as the Classic Man Barber and the owner of The Ritual Experience in San Diego, CA. Brandon, 36, is who I lovingly call my "big little brother" and he is the first person I came out of the "metaphysical closet" to years ago. After years of hiding my being a lover of all things metaphysics and energy healing, I had just begun to openly talk about my Spiritual Knowing.

I remember the first time I shared my knowledge of the Law of Attraction and manifesting with Brandon. Woven into (what I thought were) basic conversations, I would share the steps it takes to manifest and shape our reality with our intentions. I would share by planting small seeds of knowledge about the Universe, energy and manifesting. Little did I know back then, he was not only paying attention but taking notes! Over time, I became his manifesting mentor and coach. Through applying the 6 Powerful Steps to manifesting, Brandon has transformed his reality into the life he said he wanted just 5 short years ago! And he manifests with such ease, it's amazing to witness!

I will say I didn't believe you, TLotus.", says Brandon, "I couldn't see how it could be but look at me now! I still feel weird living this lifestyle, because I'm not used to it yet. I feel like I'm living a dream, so I'm following all the laws of life so this dream continues."

To say that Brandon has transformed his life would be an understatement. From a rocky experience as a young adult and serving time in prison to now, being a married, young and successful business owner with a brand! Wait...whaaaaaat?

Manifested A Brand: The Ritual Experience and Classic Man Barber hats.

"Nothing is too big for the Universe. No matter how big the dream, the recipe for manifesting is the same: set the intention, put action behind it, and let the Universe do it's thing. Simple."

Manifested Love: Newlyweds Brandon and Nikki Keaton (who has her own amazing manifesting story!)

This week's Facebook Live, we will learn more about how opening his mind to the power of manifesting changed Brandon's life and how he now lives with an abundant mindset.. and how you can do it too! Log on to The Sacred Path Facebook Group Thursday, 4/25 at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific!

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