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#PowerfulManifestor Series: Felicia Jones

The #PowerfulManifestor series is dedicated to amazing manifesting stories. The stories I share in this series will uplift and motivate you as well as encourage you to consciously manifest the life of your dreams!

As a part of All That Is, you are energetically intertwined with the abundance of the Universe. You are interconnected with the things that you desire. All you need to do is claim what is rightfully yours and meant for you through the power of manifestation. The core of Universal Consciousness is manifesting, tapping into the power within and taking advantage of the energy of the Law Of Attraction (LOA) to consciously create your reality.

The Sacred Path Facebook Group, has engaged in manifesting challenges where members put into practice the steps to consciously manifest their desires. Members divide into manifesting circles and support each other during the challenge. TSP has had 3 challenges to date, ranging from 30 to 60 days with amazing results! Members have manifested everything from love connections to cars to money and more. These successes are shared with the entire group and not only inspires, but is tangible evidence that manifestation and LOA works.

"My drive and determination aligned with the flow of the universe makes me a powerful manifestor." ~ Goddess Felicia Jones

Today I am excited to introduce you to TSP member and sister Goddess Intuitive, Felicia Jones. Felicia is a Spiritually gifted medium, Tarot and Oracle reader, and the founder of Spiritual Goddess Influencers (SGI). When I first met Felicia earlier this year, I immediately connected with her beautiful energy and Spiritual gifts. Felicia had some huge intentions she wanted to manifest including a move back to her home state of New York as well as major growth for her Spiritual business. I remember how unsure she was as to when this would happen...she just knew it would!

Fast forward to May of this year, Felicia participated in TSP's 60 Day Manifesting Challenge. Felicia was already aware of her ability as a conscious creator and set out to create the reality she desired by putting into practice the 5 Steps to Consciously Manifest:

  1. Be clear about what you want.

  2. Let go of the negativity.

  3. Set intention.

  4. Put action behind the intention.

  5. Let go of the desire.

On her experience with participating in TSP's manifesting challenge, Felicia says, "The TSP 60 Day Manifesting Challenge set the energetic tone and collective support to help along the process of materializing my intentions. Weekly prompts helped maintain focus in a intricate format, specifically due to the fact that I had several things that I needed to manifest at once in a very particular time frame."

By the end of the 60 day challenge, Felicia's intentions materialized and she is now living in her new reality that she created! When she shared with me her manifestation journey and successes, I knew I wanted to highlight her as the next #PowerfulManifestor in this series! Her journey is inspirational.

This week's Facebook Live, Goddess Felicia Jones will join us to share her amazing manifesting journey. We will learn more about how she consciously created her reality using the Law Of Attraction. Get ready to be inspired! Log on to The Sacred Path Facebook Group Thursday, 10/3/19 at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific!

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