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Realizing The Magnificent Manifestor In You

The focus of my morning meditation and a word of encouragement:

In the early days of my Universal Consciousness, I would put into practice the things that I learned about manifesting and would be surprised.. even bewildered at the results! Years later, I am no longer surprised but completely amazed at how the Universe works, especially when I work in tandem with the Universe to manifest my wants and desires.

I am a powerful manifestor. I am aware and highly in tune with my Higher Self which is a part of All That Is. Everything I want and desire, I already have. The journey is to connect to those things. At times, my human self may forget that I have the power of the Universe within me and can manifest anything I desire for my greater good. When this happens (and it does), I worry, become frustrated, or emotional. But just when that lapse in memory happens, my Higher Self reminds me of my magnificence. My Higher Self reminds me that I am not a human being living a Spiritual experience. I am a Spiritual being living a human experience. I surround myself with (white bright) light and positive energy through things and people that compliment and augment my own positive energy, a Spiritual support system that always brings me back to center when my human self forgets my Spiritual magnificence. I am the architect of my reality and the Universe proves this to me time and time again within my life... family, health, career, love... When I manifest what I want and desire in tandem with the Universe, it materializes..100%..again, for my greater good.

YOU are apart of All That Is! And because of this, YOU are magnificent! YOU are powerful beyond measure! YOU are amazing! The power to manifest your happiness is within YOU. May you (Spiritually) remember your awesomeness.

May you connect with the Universal force within you..and all around you to manifest your happiness! Peace Love and Light!

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