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Snakes And Snake Oil


Card meanings: The simple images on the cards can have a literal meaning. For example, the Tree card could ACTUALLY be about a tree. There are also deeper meanings associated with these images. The following is a quick and abbreviated explanation of the meanings to this week's cards:


Snake: betrayal, envy, lies, deceit, jealousy, complications, adultery, cheat. The Snake card has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

Fish: abundance, finances/money, business, sales, resources, material things, shopping, self employment. The Fish card has a "yes/positive" energy attached to it.

Mice: something taken away, stealing, destruction, damages, stress, anxiety, eating away at, irritation, vermin. The Mice card has a "no/negative" energy attached to it.

A TLotus Thought: Intuitive Message

This week’s Lenormand flip has matters of abundance, money and material things as the center theme. The Fish card represents all things regarding abundance. It is a very positive card. In readings, the Fish surrounded by other positive cards is beautiful thing. Surrounded by no/negative cards, Lenormand helps to open your eyes to something that is blocking or preventing abundance to flow.

The Snake card is an intense card. I often say when I see this card, “ A snake is a snake is a snake.” The energy of this card is all about lies, deception, sabotage, controversy and drama. The Snake is about jealousy and envy. The Snake is “up to no good”. As I stated in this week’s video, this card is also a sexual card representing seduction and salacious sexual energy.

Read forward, the Snake is facing the fish. What’s up that snake’s slithering sleeve? This week, pay attention to money matters both personally and local/state/national economy. Also pay attention to business related opportunities that may sound good but is not what it may seem.

Read in reverse, the Fish is swimming right towards that Snake. Be careful about making major or impromptu purchases this week. Use the Mercury In Retrograde energy we are in (June 16 to July 10) to REsearch, REexamine, REthink anything regarding finances, income or revenue.

The Mice card is about stress and anxiety or worry. It’s an irritating card. In this flip it represents the anxiety and worry about financial or business issues. I think of the characteristics of the Fish. They “go with the flow” of their environment without resistance. And no matter how choppy the waters get, they continue to flow and adapt, always ending up at it’s intended destination. This week, let go of stress and go with the flow. Your Higher Self will guide you towards the right actions for your greater good. See the additional messages below for other ways this week’s flip could manifest in your life.

Additional Messages:

Nagging Feeling: An inkling that something is off with the way things are headed. This could be related to business or personal matters.

Powerful Sabotage - The Snake is a corrupt creature that has the power to take advantage by striking when fear or anxiety is at its highest. Powerful people and entities will take advantage of a situation at the most vulnerable time.

Nervous about a financial decision - If you are having doubts about making that purchase, ask yourself why. Rushed decisions will lead to having to revisit the entire issue this week.

Seductive opportunity - The sexual energy of the Snake is intense and may be too good to say no to this week. This is sexual energy given (or received) purely for self serving reasons.

Check the water pipes - This may be a good time to check the water pipes for leaks or damage due to erosion or other causes.

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