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Surviving Mercury In Retrograde With Lenormand's Guidance

From TLotus: I am excited to introduce you to my good friend and business coach, the AMAZING Courtney Dade! Courtney is a Strategic Marketing Professional and Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the fields of product development, strategic marketing, project management, and leadership. She is the owner and principal of CSD Marketing and Consulting, LLC, a Private Business Development and Marketing Consulting Firm. Courtney is also the mother of her equally amazing son Caleb and momager to his brand, Caleb With Curls. I am honored to have Courtney as a guest contributor of A TLotus Thought: The Blog!

I love a good reading. TLotus introduced me to the world of Lenormand less than a year ago, and I’ve been a firm believer ever since. I love the information and the insight that her readings give me, especially as I head into new seasons of my life.

Last Summer when Mercury was in retrograde, it felt like the world was falling apart. There was something special about the planets being in Cancer or something, and my emotions were roaring all over the place. TLotus and I were chatting often during that time, because she too, as a fellow Scorpio was feeling the effects of it in a major way. We often consoled each other by jokingly saying “MIR is trying to take us out…” but that feeling was real. Needless to say, I made it out of the MIR and lived to see another day. But the hard lessons and experiences in that short time period were life changing.

2020 is here, and we’re in the shadow period of yet another MIR. Once again I reached out to my Spiritual Advisor, TLotus, to help me prepare for the upcoming retrograde. She advised me that this was going to be a time to see what lessons I learned in the previous ones. She read Lenormand and pulled a Chakra card for me, to give me some insight into what I’ll be facing, and it really confirmed that notion. This MIR is a period of testing.

I’m focusing on mindfulness this MIR. I had a lot of tough lessons in relationships, both personal and professional. I also experienced highly emotional moments during the last MIR. I misinterpreted a lot of scenarios and lost some friendships along the way. It was a taxing and weary time, so I want to make sure it wasn’t in vain.

Here’s my survival guide to get through this MIR, I’m hoping it will help some of you as well!

  • Get your readings. One of the things that helped me the most was to get my Lenormand and Chakra reading for February. My central theme for February is the Fox, which was really insightful since I have just started a new business venture with a group of entrepreneurs.

  • Tap into the energy of the readings. The thing I love about Lenormand is that it doesn’t operate in absolutes. TLotus provides several interpretations that she sees on the readings, which provides overall energy when you move into decision making. This helps me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepare for challenging times.

  • Get guidance. I’ve had enough readings and watched enough readings to have a general idea of what the cards mean, but getting the specific messages really helps me to plan for what’s coming up.

  • Believe the Universe has your back. MIR feels like a personal attack on my life a lot of the time, but coming from the belief that even though times will benefit me, in the long run, makes me seek out the lessons in all things.

  • Meditate. Meditation really isn’t a practice of mine, but I do know that during MIR, I have to stop and slow down, to determine what is real and what is just “smoke and mirrors”. Stopping in the midst of chaos has allowed me to pull apart what was just raw emotion and what is a fact. Often times what feels like the end of the world is just an opportunity to slow down.

  • Journal. I am an external processor and I find some of my deepest introspective work comes when I’m hunkering down for MIR. So much insight, I need to write it down.

  • Just keep going. I think that’s the biggest lesson MIR has shown me, regardless of what it looks and feels like… dig deep and keep going. That countdown until it’s over is real. I find on the other side of retrograde, I’m just able to understand things much better.

I hope my story helps you as we head into MIR. I’m looking forward to what’s on the other side! See ya there!!

Watch Courtney on Triple L: The Live Love Lotus Show!

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