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The Power Of Mercury In Retrograde 2021

This post is the first in a multi-part series to help you survive Mercury In Retrograde.

Of all of the astrological events that take place throughout the year, the one that gets THE MOST attention, and THE MOST apprehension, is Mercury In Retrograde (MIR also known as Mercury Retrograde). MIR is the optical illusion of the planet Mercury moving "in reverse" in its orbit as viewed from our Earthly vantage point. The planet is not really moving backwards but instead is slowing way down, making it appear as if it is. All planets regularly move into retrograde but when Mercury takes its "backwards journey", people notice that parts of their lives tend to go haywire. MIR takes place 3 times (and occasionally, 4 times) a year. The first Mercury Retrograde of 2020 happens February 17 thru March 10.

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules over communication, transportation and electronics. When Mercury is in retrograde, those areas of our lives are noticeably affected;

  • Thinking, listening and speaking patterns become fuzzy and confusion increases.

  • Conversations go left. Miscommunication and misunderstandings increase.

  • Mail and packages are late. Mistakes in orders increase.

  • Mistakes in contracts and documents increase.

  • Traffic jams increase, planes are delayed, travel plans are affected.

  • Devices malfunction, computer glitches increase, electrical issues arise.

  • Accidents increase.

These are just a few examples of how MIR can appear to wreak havoc in our lives. No wonder people become apprehensive when MIR is in full effect!

Mercury Retrograde Pre/Post Shadow Period

Mercury Retrograde has a "shadow period" two weeks before and two weeks after its cycle. This is the the time when Mercury starts to slow down and then gain momentum towards its "reverse motion". Subsequently, after its "reverse" transit, the planet slows down and gains momentum as it turns direct again. During this shadow period, we feel the effects of MIR albeit not as strongly as during the three week retrograde itself. What this means is… we experience the effects of MIR for seven weeks, not three!

No Need To Fear MIR

A lot of people are not only apprehensive but downright fearful of MIR. There really is no need to fear, especially if we think of MIR in a different light.

Our lives are full of hustle and bustle. We are constantly on the go and even though we should, we don't take the necessary time to slow down and just breathe. MIR is an opportunity, three times a year, to do just that. Mercury is naturally, a fast moving planet. It's orbit around the Sun takes 88 days compared to Earth's orbit of 365 days. So the fact that speedy Mercury slows way down on a regular basis should be a Universal and Spiritual message for us to do the same in our own lives. The Universe is giving us the opportunity to… pause and breathe.

Harnessing The Power Of MIR

How do we harness the powerful energy of MIR? By doing what Mercury is doing.. SLOWING DOWN. Take this time to find REst and REspite. This may be difficult for those who are constantly on the move or busy with "this and that". But trust me, if we continue at the same pace as always without acknowledging the power of MIR, WE WILL feel the effects in our lives. The effects could be felt as small irritants or as a huge ball of chaos.

Pause, Breathe… Do The "R-Es"

Mercury Retrograde is a time to focus on doing what I call, "The R-Es". These are words that start with "Re" that will help us harness the energy of MIR for our greater good. Some examples are; Rest, rethink, reread, review, recharge, release, reorganize, reset, replenish, repair, restate, refocus, remember. REtrograde = "REs". Get the idea?

  • Reread contracts, documents and correspondance before you send or sign them.

  • Reorganize your space to make room for new and positive energy.

  • Rethink that plan before you implement it.

  • Release old limiting beliefs and negative self talk.

  • Rest and recharge!

  • Renegotiate salaries and other agreements.

Start Nothing New

MIR is NOT the time to:

  • Start a new business.

  • Go on that first time date or start a new relationship.

  • Go on vacation.

  • Jump to conclusions.

  • Have that elective surgery.

  • Make that expensive purchase.

  • Sign new contracts.

Mercury Retrograde is also not the time to stop living your life! Just be aware of the MIR energy. If you must do any of the above things, expect delays, hiccups, and mishaps most likely will happen. Being prepared is your best line of defense against unwanted but inevitable chaos that we may experience during this time.

One More MIR Effect..

One very interesting effect of MIR is the experience of people from our pasts returning. We may run into an old childhood friend that we haven't seen for years. That ex (or several exes) may suddenly reappear. This may be an opportunity to reconnect or reassess their place in our lives. For some this is a welcomed opportunity. For others, not as much.

Stay Tuned..

I will be writing and posting more to help you harness the power of Mercury In Retrograde. Stay tuned for a special MIR Chakra Wisdom Oracle video that will dive deep on this event for your sign and element.

Also, check out this blog post from my friend and guest contributor, Courtney Dade, as she shares her personal experience with MIR, Lenormand readings and her survival tips that gets her through this time!

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