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The Retrograde Effect: 4 Planets That Will Affect Your Daily Life

Last week there was a major shift in cosmic energy. By mid June, 4 planets will be in retrograde simultaneously. With so many planets in retrograde, there is an intense energy that is felt by all and for some, may seem a bit chaotic.

What Is Retrograde?

Retrograde means “ moving backward”. When a planet turns retrograde, it is not really moving backwards. The planet appears to move in reverse as it slows down in it’s rotation around the Sun and passes Earth.

Although we often most often think of Mercury Retrograde, all planets turn retrograde during it’s orbital journey. No matter which planet, when it is in retrograde, it is the time to slow down and focus on “RE” words like, reflect, reassess, rethink, the areas of our lives the planet affects. Read below for the planets whose retrogrades will affect our daily lives.

Saturn - 5/11 to 9/29

Occurrence: Every 12 months

Duration - 4 to 5 months

Saturn rules the ambitious sign of Capricorn. It is known as the “disciplinarian” planet. Saturn’s strict energy keeps the other planets “in line”. Saturn is the karmic planet that lets us know if we are following “the rules” or not.

Disciplined Saturn gives us a chance to examine our own scruples and boundaries as well as discover and/or face the lower vibrational emotions that are the driving force behind our actions.

When Saturn is in retrograde, we tend to relax those boundaries. This is an optimal time to address any low vibrational emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our intentions and happiness. This is a great thing! For some, this is the boost in gumption needed to try that new thing, take action on something fear has held you back from, and with focus, crush your limiting beliefs!

Saturn Retrograde’s energy provides us with more opportunities to be carefree (or close to it) and to boldly take steps to live life with eyes wide open.

Saturn Retrograde: Word To Focus On

  • REflect - Are you being too strict on yourself? On your friends and loved ones? Should you be gentle with yourself and others? Do you trust yourself?

Venus 5/13 to 6/25

Occurrence: Every 18 months

Duration: 6 weeks

Ah, Venus..the planet of love. In astrology, Venus rules over the sign of Libra. Venus is the lover planet that rules over love, beauty, money, sensuality and pleasure. It is all about the people, things and connections that bring joy to our hearts. Venus supports us in the giving and receiving of love.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. During this time, weaknesses in relationships will be exposed. Past relationship issues may be revisited during this time.

Venus is not only about our love relationships. It is about any meaningful relationship we have in our lives. That includes our relationship with money. With Saturn, Mercury and Venus retrogrades all coinciding, there will be a lot of attention focused on our budgets. The Saturn energy will make us feel like going on that shopping spree, Venus will be resistant to that idea, and Mercury will cause hiccups in any major spending done without thorough planning. And even with a thorough plan, things may still go left during this retrograde period. Giving and receiving love becomes harder during Venus Retrograde.

Another amplified Venus Retrograde effect? Exes and past lovers tend to reappear in our lives during this time. This is amplified because of the energy of Mercury Retrograde which is notorious for bringing people from our past into our present. Are you ready for this?

Venus Retrograde: Word To Focus On

REconsider: You may want to rethink that marriage proposal or. Perhaps waiting until after the retrograde planet has gone back to direct. Should you try that “second chance” with your ex? Do you really want or need to buy that major purchase during this time?

Jupiter 5/14 - 9/13

Occurrence: Every 12 months

Duration: 4 months

Jupiter is the philosophical, moral planet that rules over the signs of both Sagittarius and Pisces. It represents wealth, luck and prosperity. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is a planet of strength, knowledge and authority. It’s massive size makes it the “ruler planet” and represents growth and expansion.

Jupiter Retrograde is the time to pause and take a survey of your morals, belief systems and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. This is the time to gain clarity on your life. Jupiter is an abundant planet that will give you the opportunity to place laser focus on raising your vibration to realize a life of abundance and prosperity.

As this is the planet of abundance, Jupiter Retrograde is an amazing time to consciously set intention for it. (See my post: The Simple And Powerful Way To Set Intention). Financial opportunities may present themselves during Jupiter Retrograde. These opportunities may be overwhelming for just you alone.

Jupiter Retrograde: Word To Focus On

REexamine: Are you happy in your career? Should you take that class, get that certification? Perhaps, go back to school? Are you moving forward and expanding in your life?

Mercury 6/10 - 7/12

Occurrence: Every 4 months

Duration: 3 Weeks

Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. It is the planet over communication, transportation and electronics. When moving direct, Mercury brings clarity to our thoughts, words and actions. It is a planet of clarity. The communicative Mercury’s energy is just what we need when we are negotiating that contract or when we have that inspired creative idea.

When Mercury turns retrograde, all of the above goes haywire and can cause a bit of chaos in our lives. Although all planets turn retrograde, Mercury is the most infamous retrograde for this reason. It is a time to slow down and expect the hiccups that will inevitably happen during this time.

Click to read my blog post on ways how to through MIR without stress: The Power Of Mercury Retrograde 2020

Mercury Retrograde: Word To Focus On:

REflect: Is your daily life moving too fast? Are you having an experience of deja vu? What lessons do you need to learn from those past experiences that keep happening? Is it time to retreat and go within for some self care?

Knowledge Is Your Power!

Being aware of the energies of this amazing Universe and how it affects you is an asset. With awareness comes the ability to move forward through these retrogrades with a deeper knowledge of yourself and clarity in your actions. I hope this has been of help to you. There will be more astrological posts to come!

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