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The Simple And Powerful Way To Set Intention

One of the Spiritual principles of Universal Consciousness says, “The things we want and need we already have. The journey is to connect to them.” How do we connect to those things to bring them into our physical reality? We connect to them by consciously creating them through manifesting via the Universal Law Of Attraction (LOA).

The LOA is a Universal Law that is always working in our lives 24/7. Everything we experience in our lives is a result of LOA. We manifest both wanted and unwanted things into our lives without even thinking about it. The majority of the time we manifest on a subconscious level. Imagine if you CONSCIOUSLY manifest with laser focused energy on creating the life you truly desire? It is indeed possible and I teach my clients exactly how to do this in my life coaching practice!

Setting Intention

Setting intention is like creating a map of where you wish to go and it becomes the driving force behind your goals and visions. We set intention just by wanting something...or by NOT wanting something (more on this below). The “not wanting” something has a counter effect to the manifestation we really want. Remember, “like attracts like”.

I always use the simple example of the “white shirt and the glass of red wine”:

Example 1: You are at a party wearing a brand new white shirt/blouse and holding a glass of red wine. You think to yourself, “I don’t want to spill this red wine on my white shirt!”. You become focused on NOT spilling the wine which interferes with you truly enjoying the party fully.

The Universe energetically says : “You don't’ want to spill the wine? Got it! Spill the wine!”

Suddenly you get bumped or you trip and guess what? You spill the wine! When your energy is focused on what it is that you don't want, the Universe via LOA matches the energy of what you are focused on and will deliver into your reality more of that unwanted thing.

Example 2: You are at the same party in that same white shirt, holding that same glass of red wine and having a great time. You say to yourself, “I am having such a great time! And this red wine is delicious!” You’re focused on enjoying yourself and savoring that glass of wine.

The Universe energetically says: “You’re enjoying yourself? Got it! More fun and more wine coming right up!”

The Universe via LOA matches the high vibration of what you are focused on and guess what? No wine spillage.

The point is that you get what you focus on. This is why setting intention with high vibration is essential to consciously creating our reality. The above example is a simple one but know this; The Universe does not understand or respond to our words. The LOA knows no language. The Universe is responding to vibration. The LOA only understands the frequency of energy whether high vibrational or low vibrational. The LOA responds to your vibration 100% of the time without fail! This means we consciously can choose to only focus on what we want with high vibration, and the LOA will deliver amazing manifestations! Think about how powerful this is. You are in complete control of your manifestations!

The Prerequisite To Setting Intention

The prerequisite to consciously manifesting is letting go of the negativity! Doing this will instantly raise your energetic vibration and signal to the Universe that you are open to receive the Universal gifts you want and desire. Purposefully manifesting works best when you are vibrating high. Click here to read my blog post: Tapping Into Energy: 5 Tips To Raising Your Vibration”.

The Powerful Way To Set Intention: Write It Down!

We set intention just by thinking about it. The thoughts and emotions that arise as a result of those thoughts are energy. The action of writing is also energy that amplifies those thought and emotions. You can write it on a sheet of paper or in a notebook. I have a personal manifestation journal that I write my intentions in.

There are 2 ways you can write your intentions:

  1. Write it as a list of declarations beginning with the words, “I want..” ex: I want a meaningful relationship with a man/woman that is perfect for me”, “I want a 3 bedroom house in a beautiful neighborhood.”, “I want $75,00 in tax free surplus funds”.

Writing declarations is powerful because you are not asking for anything. When you ask for something there’s a chance it may not be given to you. When you DECLARE an intention, you KNOW that it is already yours! The Universe already has it lined up waiting for you to match the vibration of that very thing. So be bold and KNOW that you are worthy of everything you want and desire!

2. Write it as a letter to the Universe. When writing this letter, you can address it to the Universe or to yourself. Write the letter in PRESENT TENSE. Writing in present tense is powerful because it’s another form of declaration. You already have this thing you want! Write with the emotion of already having it in your reality RIGHT NOW.

Whichever way you choose to write your intentions is up to you as both are powerful and will enhance the energy of your manifestations. Here are 6 tips to help you set powerful intention by writing:

What are your dreams, goals, wants and desires? Think BIG! Get clear on what it is you want!

  1. Write: "I humbly open myself to receive the gifts of the Universe that are for my greater good and for the greater good of all involved. What benefits me will boldly step forward. What does not benefit me humbly steps down" Then:

  2. Write down your intentions in detail. The more detail, the more clear your intention.

  3. As you write, visualize you already having this thing/situation. How will you feel when this materializes? Feel that NOW! The more you visualize your intention the higher the vibration the Universe WILL match.

  4. Read and reread your list. Add anything you've forgotten. Think BIG.”

  5. Write: “This or better” This is how the Universe will deliver your manifestation, either exactly what you declared or even better! There are no limits to the Universe.

  6. Write: “It is so.” Because you are DECLARING it into your reality!

Once you are done writing, you can keep the document in your notebook or put it in a special (to you) place. You can also "release it into the Universe" in a variety of ways (blog post on this coming soon). Now feel good about it! Keep your vibration high. And KNOW that it is on it's way. The Universe is waiting on you!

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