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Transmuting The Fear Of Success

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Have you ever been afraid of success? It is a unique kind of fear that a lot of entrepreneurs encounter...especially when their businesses are on the brink of major growth. This year, I've been working hard on not one, but TWO major launches for The Sacred Path @thesacredpath11 and I'm beyond excited! I'm also feeling that "fear of success" energy too. For me, it is a good sign that my intentions are materializing.

Powerful Manifesting Program

After finding success with my Universally Conscious approach to life coaching, I created the Powerful Manifesting Program (PMP). Every client that I've coached using PMP has Consciously manifested their intentions by the end of it, which is absolutely AMAZING!! Soon, the PMP program will be available to the masses, helping people realize, connect with, and UTILIZE their true power to create the life they truly want.

Lotus Readings

Lotus Readings will soon be launching subscription packages and services for individuals and businesses. These expanded offerings will allow even more people to connect with the answers that they seek (through the Divine guidance they already have within) in any area of their lives. I'm especially excited about the expansion of my services to entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them connect to the answers concerning business goals, launches and overall vision.

More Than Ready

I'm excited and yes, there's a bit of fear deep in my Solar Plexus. That's the part of me that's says, "Oh shit.. this is really happening! Like.. quick fast!" It's also the part of me that's says, "You're more than ready for what's to come!" That feeling of empowerment transmutes any fear.

Universal Confirmation

The pic below has such significance. I have had a fear of bees since I was a little girl. On the day this pic was taken, my photographer, Danielle Gray and I "discovered" a bee crawling on the floor of my room. Fear (yes. of ONE bee) had me about to run to avoid getting stung! Danielle, on the other hand, was calm and sweet with the bee. She ushered it onto a piece of paper and carefully placed the paper outside on the balcony table. It flew away and after a chuckle, that was that. It wasn't until the writing of this blog post that I discovered that the bee was in my hair while Danielle was shooting! I had no clue it was there. And it wasn't meant for me to know it in that moment or else I probably would have freaked out! Of the many shots that were taken, this was THE ONLY one with the bee in my hair. There are no coincidences in the Universe. This blog post is about transmuting fear and what better representation of the Universe having my back than a picture of an unknown bee in my! I am Divinely protected and there truly is NOTHING to fear. I love how the Universe works!

It is true what author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield says, " Everything you want is on the other side of fear." I've learned that while working towards my vision and Divine mission to help others, that "fear" I feel is a signal letting me know that not only am I on the right path, I must keep going. Whereas in the past, I would run away from that feeling of fear, today, I acknowledge and lean into it. The more I lean in, the more FEARLESS I become, knowing the Universe has my back! I AM..more than ready. Peace Love and Light!

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