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The Secret To Having An Abundant Mindset

One of the Spiritual principles of Universal Consciousness says, "The things we need and desire we already have. The journey is to connect to those things." In other words, nothing you need or desire is outside of you. Pause. Think about it.

Everything is energy. As a part of All That Is, you are energetically interconnected with everything in the Universe.. including your needs, wants and deepest soul desires. You are intertwined with the energy of abundance. The journey is the process of consciously manifesting and working in tandem with the Universe to bring the things you desire into your life.

If I could change one word in this meme, it would be the word, "believing": "The secret to having it all is KNOWING you already do." YOU ARE ABUNDANT! Dare I say.. It's a scientific fact.

The key to manifesting the life of your dreams is to focus on connecting to what is ALREADY YOURS.

Join me on Facebook, live this Thursday 4/25/19, as we dive into the topic of manifesting with an abundant mindset! Click below to join The Sacred Path Facebook Group, then log on this Thursday 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific. PL&L (Peace, Love and Light)!

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