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Universal Consciousness And God


God - The Universe/All That Is/Divine

(G)od - Entity or deity

A few days ago, a member of the Sacred Path Facebook group asked the question, “Can someone be Universally Conscious and believe in (G)od at the same time?”. I get this question often. My short answer is no. My more expanded answer to this question has two layers. First, we need to define and talk about what Universal Consciousness is and discuss what beliefs are (vs. knowing).

Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is “the awareness of the magnificence of self as a part of All That Is.” The very first Spiritual principle of Universal Consciousness is, “The Universe is All That Is”. In other words, the closed system of energy in all its forms is the Universe.

Everything within the Universe, living or nonliving, is energy. A law in physics called the “law of conservation of energy” (the first law of thermodynamics) states that “energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed or transferred” (into another type of energy). This means that the things the Universe is made up of, we humans are also made up of. It also means our Spirits/Souls (which is pure Divine energy), also known as our Higher Self, has been in existence since the beginning of the Universe. We are Spiritual beings living a human existence and not human beings living a Spiritual existence. Our Souls (Higher Self) were here before our physical bodies (lower self) were created. Our Higher Self is the essence of who we truly are.

Some names used interchangeably with the “Universe” are: “All That Is”, “The Divine” and “God” (Consciousness, not the deity).

Believing vs. Knowing

There's only one Spirituality, and there are many ways to connect to it. For some people to connect to that one Spirituality, it helps for them to have a belief system. The word “belief” is defined as “to have an acceptance that a statement is true, or that something exists.” So if I believe something, I am accepting that it is true with or without proof. Beliefs that guide our life and help us navigate this earthly plane is what’s called a belief system. Beliefs and belief systems are very powerful. One can have such a strong belief in something that it can change their reality..just by acceptance.

But accepting that something is true is not necessarily the same as knowing that something is true. There is a difference between believing and knowing and it is quite possible for a belief to be wrong or disproved. Where some choose to connect to the one Spirituality through a belief system, those who are Universally Conscious prefer to connect to the one Spirituality through a knowing system.

To know something means; “to be aware through observation inquiry, or information; to be conscious of or to have knowledge; to be informed about.”. When something is known it is because it’s either been experienced or observed or proven in some way. Only then does it make common sense. For some people, it is enough to believe and accept something that they have learned or have been told is truth.. without needing to KNOW it is truth. Those who are Universally Conscious prefer knowing rather than believing.

So what do those who are Universally Conscious know?

The 6 Spiritual Principles of Universal Consciousness:

  1. The Universe is All That Is.

  2. We are a part of All That Is.

  3. Everything is Energy.

  4. We are Spiritual beings living a human existence.

  5. The answers that we seek we already have. The journey is to connect to those answers.

  6. The things we need and/or desire we already have. The journey is to connect to those things. That journey is our Sacred Path

If the Universe is God, then WE all are God(dess) incarnate.

So to answer the question, “Can you be Universally Conscious and believe in (G)od, the answer is no.. because to know that you are God (incarnate) and also believe in a (G)od that is outside of yourself would be an oxymoron.


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